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Nuno Filipe Gonçalves Soares

Nuno Filipe Gonçalves Soares was born in Lisbon in 1978.Student at the Architecture Final Thesis Laboratory, Polytechnic of Milan, Develops a professional practice as Architect, Urban Planner, Furniture designer and Photographer Lives and Works in Macau since 2003.Architecture and Design Faculty, in 2000. Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning by the Lisbon Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, in 2004. Participating in the Research Project: PUBLIC SPACE IN PORTUGAL ¡V THE SQUARE¨ since 2000.


Furniture design workshop constrAction

17th January — 14th March, 2009

The aim of this workshop is to promote original and contemporary design approaches in dialogue with the local context, by using Macau’s urban culture daily life objects and the constrAction system materials and techniques as a starting point. Each participant will develop the necessary tools and knowledge to transform an existing object into an original […]

Furniture design workshop constrAction

16th February, 2008

For letting people have a piece of furniture DESIGNED and BUILT by their own, CREATIVE MACAU presented a furniture design workshop.