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Francisco Ricarte is Portuguese, born in 1955. Since 1976 has been a photo enthusiast, initially on B&W format, later also on using colour. He moved from Portugal to Macau, China, in 2006 and in the same year also “migrated” to the digital processing image. This part of the world has been fascinating him since arrival, but also allowed him to see with “new eyes” his former “world”.

Photography has always been a critical way of expressing his view of the world, being on a professional basis (Architect and urban planner since 1979) or personal view. How photo helps to foster our understanding of what surrounds us (being built or being nature) has been his challenge and pursuit since early photo days – he has developed a no of “photo sets” summarizing his views, which, sooner or later, will be exposed to a larger audience.

Further, he is also a passionate of the Arts – place, memory and identity are his passion words and intellectual themes, mostly regarding urban matters, visual culture, literature, and poetry.


Recent exhibitions:


  • Macao Annual Visual Arts Exhibition 2016 – Western Media Category – group exhibition, MSAR’s Cultural Affairs Bureau


  • Creative Macau – “Rich Life” group exhibition


  • Creative Macau – “Symbols of Culture” group exhibition
  • Orient Foundation, Macao – “Autumn Salon 2014” group exhibition


  • Creative Macau – “Make a wish” group exhibition
  • Orient Foundation, Macao – “Autumn Salon 2013” group exhibition



Solid experience and knowledge in Macao urban and architectural design.

Professional teamwork experience in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments.

Experience in the law enforcement in Macao for urban planning and development.


Open Future – Collective Exhibition

28th August — 22nd September, 2018

“Contemporary life is one that undergoes constant transformation, in the context of spaces, time or memory; we live with a heave, being hemmed in by each other and heaped praise on one another.” Creative Macau will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on 28 August 2018 with “OPEN FUTURE” – Collective Exhibition. Our creative members are […]


8th February — 17th March, 2018

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION In artists’ eyes, things aren’t just what is seen, but what is seen within. “Somewhere” is not about specific places – they may be anywhere. The photo series “Somewhere“ is photographer’s try of capturing the “within silence“ and sublime presence of a number of places. There were about 20 colored photos that […]