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Agostinho Guilherme Fernandes (Nico)

Being born in Macau in 1957 and educated in multi-cultural academic institutions, I was greatly inspired by the traditions, beliefs and ideas of people from different nations.  My tri-language skills and being living aboard for 14 years in Brazil enable me to participate and engage freely in their social and cultural life.  The sharing of life experience, humanity and art appreciation had not merely instilled me with values of art and insights, but also conformed me to be a lover of photography and music.

Apart from my conventional education, I attended more than 30 photography courses in Macau.  I gear toward unconventional, visual impact and creative style of photo shooting.  As recognition, I won quite a number of top prizes in local and international photography competitions between the year of 2008 and 2016.  Besides, my articles and works of photography were published in local magazines and newspaper namely: Macau Closer, Revista Macau and Macao Daily News.  I had had the honor to be invited to hold several solo and group exhibitions in Macau organized by the prestigious photography associations.  In 2012, The Visual Art Panel of Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain awarded me as ARPS .  Hence, I accepted the challenge of being a photography trainer coaching more than 100 amateur photographers from Macau, Hong Kong and PRC.  I am keen in seeking new techniques, effective tools and creative style for dynamic and resourceful performance in all aspects.

Every year, I conduct a series of photography workshop relating to travel and creative photography in PRC, each time offering on-location classes to around 20 photographers.  As a short or mid-term goal, I would like to organize more photography exhibitions and talks to demonstrate the beauty, emotion and strength of photography – Work of Art.


Stillness in Motion:Talk with artist

21st July, 2018 16:00

This Saturday – a talk with the artist Agostinho is going to happen! If you missed the opening, come to visit our gallery at 4pm on 21 July!

Stillness in Motion

28th June — 21st July, 2018

One of the Taiji (太極) practice contents requires seeking Stillness in Motion (動中求靜). Martial arts are good at motion with extreme power. Taiji (太極) uses stillness to control motion, softness to counteract hardness, co-ordination in all aspects to achieve balance. Capturing motion paths of the dancers through time and space, from a tri-dimensional reality into […]