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Yoyo Wu

My name is Yoyo Wu and I was born in Jiangxi but later on immigrated to Guangdong with my parents. When I was in China, I studied paintings in Beijing,Guangzhou and Wuhan. I am now staying in Macau studying at Macao Polytechnic Institute for a degree in Visual Arts since 2007.In the past years in Macao, I had obtained several awards in art competitions. In addition, my paintings were being selected for exhibitions by the South Korean Fine Arts Work Entertainment Exhibition and the Beijing “Get it louder” Exhibition in the year of 2009 and 2010 respectively. My artwork then attained the “2001-2010 Chinese fine Arts Work Yearbook” and won the Third Prize in the “second National University Fine Arts show” as well. This artwork also awarded with a Third Asian Art Exposition and an individual art exhibition will be held in Macao in March, 2011.