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Io Weng Si

Born and live in Macau (China).  Her main creative form is mixed media. Apart from the expression of emotion, she has also tried to replace the tactile perception with visual texture conveyed by a piece of art as to guide audience to see through the essence of an object, and perceive the imagination provoked by vision. And finally guide them to artists’ creative intention to reach a consensus in thoughts.

Graduated in 2011, with Bachelor of fine arts from Taiwan Tunghai University.

She has held 2 solo exhibitions in Macau, one in 2015 – Pathos / Himeros -Max media art solo exhibition and one in 2019 –  Blue Mind Map. Other than that, she has been participating in group exhibitions both locally and abroad since 2011, starting with The 2nd AFA Autumn Salon in Macau;  Free Individual Travel… How Much Free?  -A contemporary Art Exhibition (2012, Macau);  The Colorful New York Art Journey (2013, Macau); Anno Equitum -Art project (2014, Macau);  Homage to Masters Who Inspired Us  -Works by 10 Hong Kong and Macao artists (2015, Macau); We Poetize Itinerant Exhibition 2017@ Guangzhou: Resonating Psyche (2017, Guangzhou, China);A lizard who is used to eating women  -Io Weng Sam and Io Weng Si exhibition (2018, Macau) and 3-point perspective of SSUU..Y – It was a lot of love (2018, Tainan, Taiwan)