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Joaquim Kuong

Joaquim Kuong Born and raised in Macau, he was formally trained as a linguist and teaches linguistics at the University of Macau. He is a visual art enthusiast and became interested in printmaking when he first came across George Cruikshank’s engravings in Charles Dickens’ novels. He studied printmaking under the renowned Macau artist James Wong. Since 2012, Joaquim has been making prints by applying different techniques, particularly etching, aquatint, and lithography. One of his favorite themes is snapshots of historic buildings in Macau. More recently, he has attempted to apply lithographic printing on porcelain. His works were exhibited at the 2nd Macao Printmaking Triennial and in the joint exhibition “Matters Printed.”


Gleaming Dreams

20th July — 19th August, 2023

Gleaming Dreams is the first solo exhibition showcasing Joaquim Kuong’s recent artworks inspired by Josef von Sternberg’s Film Noir classic MACAO (1952), featuring mixed media paintings, porcelain and photographic installations, as well as prints. The exhibition attempts to recreate and reinterpret the movie-going experience by means of gleaming lights and colors. An artifact that links […]

OPEN CLOSE OPEN – 18th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2021

Reflecting on these two atypical years, we proposed to the members an emotional catharsis that would creatively express the ups and downs of their own feelings. Each work presented will transmit personal feelings experienced, either real or metaphorical with the dilemma of Open – Close – Open, inside/outside of themselves. OPEN CLOSE OPEN inspired 33 […]

Magical Feelings – Fine Art Printmaking Art Works Exhibition

11th June — 11th July, 2020

Magical Feelings is a collective exhibition of fine prints by passionate creators of artistic printmaking, living in Macau. Engraving is an artistic process that involves laborious manual work on a matrix. This art involves a number of technical juxtapositions to occur countless magical moments of which expectant, fascinating, disappointing and ultimately glorious! As we begin the […]