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James Chu Cheok Son

Chu Cheok Son (James) was born in Macao. He learned engravings in the 1991s successively from James Wong Cheng Pou and from Sou Pui Kun at Macao Visual Art Academy.

At the beginning of 1998 he graduated from the Department of Graphic Communication, with a Bachelor’s Degree at School of Arts of Macao Polytechnic Institute. Personally, he loves ardently various artistic expressions.

Committee member of the Macao Designers Association.

Member of the “Circulo dos Amigos da Cultura de Macau”.

Member of the “Comuna de Pedra de Macau”.



5th — 31st December, 2009

The ANNIVERSARY YEARBOOK is a solo exhibition in painting, sculpture and installation by James Chu Cheok and it is also the last show of CREATIVE MACAU programme in 2009. The works in this exhibition seem like a record book with the highlight memories, glory days or family portraits in happy days, we believe that it […]