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Lampo Leong, PhD, Central Academy of Fine Arts, MFA, California College of the Arts, is currently a Professor of Art at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Advisor, and Head of Centre for Design at the University of Macao.  Leong’s work has been featured in art auctions such as Christie’s, Ravenel, Poly, etc., and in art expos, museums, and galleries worldwide through more than 70 solo and over 300 national and international juried and curated group exhibitions, receiving over 70 awards such as a Gold Medal at the Creative Quarterly international art competition in New York. His works can be found in over 10 museum collections and hundreds of notable corporate and private collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, as well as public art commissions for Columbia City Hall and a San Francisco city park.  Leong’s achievements have been documented in hundreds of reviews and publications, including the front cover of the New Art International in New York and the Creative Genius: 100 Contemporary Artists in London.  In 1999, the San Francisco Mayor proclaimed November 19th to be Lampo Leong Day.


OPEN CLOSE OPEN – 18th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2021

Reflecting on these two atypical years, we proposed to the members an emotional catharsis that would creatively express the ups and downs of their own feelings. Each work presented will transmit personal feelings experienced, either real or metaphorical with the dilemma of Open – Close – Open, inside/outside of themselves. OPEN CLOSE OPEN inspired 33 […]

UNLOCK THAT DOOR – 17th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 19th September, 2020

Today, not many people write letters on paper to be sent by post or delivered by hand. Writing a letter to someone is something intimate – although the other person is far away, he/she remains present both in image and spirit. Words in letters carry meanings and often lead us to a cathartic release. When […]

Open Future – Collective Exhibition

28th August — 22nd September, 2018

“Contemporary life is one that undergoes constant transformation, in the context of spaces, time or memory; we live with a heave, being hemmed in by each other and heaped praise on one another.” Creative Macau will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on 28 August 2018 with “OPEN FUTURE” – Collective Exhibition. Our creative members are […]

Visual Thinking: Talk with the Artists

19th May, 2018 16:00

Photography exhibition Visual Thinking open until 19th May. And there will be a talk regarding the exhibition at 4pm on 19th May. Feel free to join!

Visual Thinking – photography group exhibition

25th April — 19th May, 2018

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION   “Painting and sculpture come from the inside out; photography comes from outside in.” – Rudolf Arnheim   Some people may believe photography is not as dynamic as painting because photography is environment driven, as it attempts to grasp the essence of a subject or express the personality of a model. Here […]

Lampo Leong Calligraphy

17th — 29th July, 2006

Lampo Leong is an Internationally renowned painter, calligrapher and Multimedia artist, who received his BFA in brush painting from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 1983 and MFA in painting with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco/Oakland in 1988. A Ph. D. candidate(ABD) in Comparative Study of […]