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Mio Pang Fei

An admirer of Miro, Tapies, Dubuffet, Wols, Arshile Gorky, Pollock and De Koonig, the Chinese Painter Mio Pang Fei was born in 1936 in Shanghai, where he later studied and was art instructor in oil-painting, a western art technique that his work assimilated with vibrancy and liberty of expression. Later, he masterfully reconciled material and abstract informalism with the recuperation of primitive Chinese mural art. His neo-figurist and abstract-expressionist works are topographically rugged and violently aggressive in gesture and color, the impulsiveness of which is emphasized by graffiti, carved by knife or applied with brush and oil-pastel. In this troubled and human art, one can’t but feel the fluidity of color, revealing a curious and surprising osmosis between this Chinese artist and the influence of the west.