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Todi Kong

Custodia (Todi) Kong de Sousa was born in Mozambique and has lived in Macau since 1986. After working as a civil engineer for many years, she turned to art. She always felt a strong attraction to making art, but she only managed to fulfill this dream later, when life allowed. She took painting classes but it was in sculpture where she found her most spontaneous artistic expression. As a self-taught sculptor, she is constantly learning. By experimenting with different materials, ideas flow and these materialize as a result of the fusion of solutions, techniques and materials. The execution of each piece is an exciting journey full of challenges.

The main sources of inspiration are the essence of life, the human being and beauty in general. Her works seek to convey harmony, peace, movement and/or emotions.

With some exhibitions already held, solo and in groups, she has pieces in private collections distributed in Macau, China, the United States and Portugal.