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Charles Chauderlot

Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1952 from a French-Spanish Family with several generations of renowned sculptors, painters, architect, C. Chauderlot began to study paintings in Bordeaux (France) at the age of 11 with a Fine Art Academy  teacher. But later, his family inscribed him to the University of Bordeaux (France). He is graduated in Law and Politics Sciences.From 1987 to 1996 he worked in France, During this period, C. Chauderlot held 10 solo exhibitions and participated in more 50 national and international shows, receiving many prizes and awards :12 first prizes, the golden medal in the 38th International Art Fair of Beziers, a special nomination in the 81st  « Salon d’Hiver » in Paris, the distinctive silver medal ”Arts, Sciences et Lettres” , etc…In 1990, he made the decision to dedicate himself exclusively to his art, thus becoming a full time artist.In 1997, he moved to Beijing, here started to use the Chinese ink and brush technique to create black and white paintings, especially the “Leaving empty space” which leaves imagination to the audience.Between October 2002 and November 2004, he was able to paint inside the restricted areas of the Forbidden City at the first and unique exceptional invitation of the Chinese authorities. His special work painted in The Forbidden City has been published in France and China. During the Hong Kong French May 2005, the Consulate General of France, and Alliance Française have organized, with the exclusive sponsoring of the Bank of China, the first display of his Forbidden Ink paintings in the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. This exhibition was honored by the Cultural Committee of the “French exchange cultural year in China”. In November 2005 – Six ink-paintings entered in the official collections of the Art Museum of Macao after a successful exhibition display in the Millennium Gallery, and C. Chauderlot moved to Macao in 2006 when the authorities invited him to paint the patrimony of the city. Since, he is invited in Thailand, at the International Art Festival in Chiangrai, and began to paint in South-East of Asia (Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia). The National Art Museum of Malacca has invited him for two solo exhibitions on 2010 and 2011. He continues to paint in Macao, where the authorities have organized a special exhibition during two months on 2011 at the Leal Senado Gallery and published an important catalogue.


“Ma-Boa / Lis-Cau” ink painting exhibition

23rd February — 19th March, 2016

“Macao and Lisbon have so many reasons to be different because their origine in the History or their location, one in Europe and the other in Asia but … Through my artistic eyes I founded some similar sceneries in both cities until my purpose is to join these two cities with humour and make some […]