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Carmen Lei

Carmen is a part-time university lecturer, a full-time middle school English teacher, a lover of English literature and an artist. She holds a MA in Communication from Hong Kong Baptist University and is interested in the creation of English poetry and abstract painting. Her photographs were exhibited in New Trend 2008 at Artist Commune, Hong Kong, and her experimental short films were also featured in a joint exhibition organized by Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Since joining the education sector, she has guided her students to spontaneously write over 100 English poems, which were compiled into a poetry collection entitled The Sound of Words for publishing. She hopes to help students express themselves and present their uniqueness through artistic creation. She has held her first solo poetry and painting exhibition “In the Name of Love” – ‘The addiction’ & ‘You are the reason’ series from 4th June to 28th June 2022 and launched her poetry book In the Name of Love in Mong-Ha Villas.