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Justin Chiang Chin Pang

Justin Chiang Chin Pang, born in Macau. Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art (Education) of Macao Polytechnic Institute. From attending institute, Justin Chiang has been a docent in Museum of Art. Justin Chiang became engaged in arts education after graduation.



“RICH LIFE” – 12th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2015

Creative Macau (CCI) will hold a grand opening ceremony of “Rich Life” Members Exhibition and bring stunning music performance to celebrate its 12th Anniversary on Friday, 28 August, 2015. The grand opening ceremony will start at 6pm with a set of live acoustic and electronic music played in a combination of different instruments by the […]

“Symbols In Cultures” 11th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 13th September, 2014

SYMBOLS IN CULTURES Everywhere we look in societies are forms of symbolic representation, which identify and illustrate different culture, philosophy, and lifestyle. Thinking that symbols in society are unconscious forms of communication in the way of social, ideological, political concepts and many others, they are important and integral elements in understanding a culture and a […]

“Make A Wish” 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

28th August, 2013

MAKE A WISH is the theme of our 10th anniversary exhibition proposed to all Creative Macau members. Twenty six members across the twelve different creative fields of advertising, architecture, craft, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer development, and visual arts were interested and are displaying […]


23rd March — 14th April, 2012

“Heroes” is the 4th solo exhibition by Justin Chiang. He is a Macau local artist who obtained a degree in Visual Arts (Educational) at Macao Polytechnic Institute. His works are collected privately, by educational organizations and by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.   Hero, is a subjective concept. In many comics and stories, people […]