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Elói Scarva

Elói Scarva, born in Macau in 1994. Traveled extensively since youth. Raised under the artistic guidance of a photographer/father and a writer/mother. He became an active artist in 2012 studied Fine Arts at the famously practical course of sculpture in Lisbon.

Mainly, he works with Installation, Sculpture, Photography, and Audio Visual. Currently, he is working and living between Macau and Porto, Portugal.



“Here & Now” 13th anniversary members exhibition

27th August — 30th September, 2016

Adalberto Tenreiro, Alexandre Marreiros 馬偉圖, Armelle de L 李亞美, Chan Un Man 陳遠問, Cristina Vinhas 李詠雅, Duarte Esmeriz, DWG, Elói Scarva, Fernando Simões, Francisco Ricarte, Ho Si Man 何思敏, João Miguel Barros 包偉鋒, Lai Sio Kit 黎小傑, Laura Che 謝小醉, Li Li 李黎, Lúcia Lemos, Madalena Fonseca, Marina Carvalho, Mavin Zin 冼遙廷, Noah Ng 吳方洲, […]