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Ieong Man Pan

Born in Macau in 1985,Ieong Man Pan obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Jinan University in 2008 and Master’s Degree in Photography Studies from the College of Arts of Chongqing University in2012.


Solo Exhibition

2014-01  Unfoldable Map –Photography by Ieong Man Pan, Casa Garden – Orient Foundation,Casa de Portugal in Macau and BABEL – Organização Cultural

2014-07  Life Dereplication –Photography by Ieong Man Pan, Albergue SCM


Group Exhibitions

2015, 23 July – 22 August ‘CITIES”, Creative Macau Center For Creative Industries

2012-03  University of Derby Photography Workshop Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Art Gallery, Chongqing

2012-05  Macau-Chongqing Colleges and Universities Images Exhibition, Chongqing University Art Gallery,Chongqing

2013-07  Heartscape-Photographyof Macau Post-80s, Macau Museum of Art

2013-09  The 13th China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Macau Pavilion, Pingyao

2013-10  View and Landspace 2.0 Photography Exhibition Lun Hing Art Community, Macau

2014-03  Macau Scenario-Animamix Biennale 2013-2014

2014-04  Macu Annual Visual Arts Exchange Exhibition

2014-05  We are Friends:Artwork Exchange Exhibition


“99999” Conceptional Photography

30th March — 29th April, 2017

The title of the exhibition, 99999, and gaming chips from the casino in Macau, together, revealed a strong sense of materialism. This convention forms the basis of new ideas on my works. The chips resembled rocks, giving an imitation of minerals. It is about Macau as the idea came from my observation after gambling is […]

“CITIES” B/W Photography group exhibition

23rd July — 20th August, 2015

Five of our members: Carmo Correira, Ieong Man Pan, Marina Carvalho, Tang Kuok Ho, Wilson Caldeira, are exhibiting a series of photographs on 23 of July that certainly will give to the public a very personal point of view of what they feel when they explore cities by walking. CITIES are no doubt an urban […]