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Jacques Le Nantec

Not by listing some private views you could punctuate such an atypic career as Jacques Le Nantec’s…

After attending brightly a secondary school, he had a precocious start: a first personal exhibition developed already all the important works that he performed by himself in three years. He was sixteen only.

Then he decided to rush slowly, concerned about acquiring first, as an autodidact, a solid classical training. At that time, he registered for architecture courses.

When he was thirty and while his researches haughtily challenged the discrimination between the Abstract art and the Figurative art, he had to go for a hectic run around jobs in order to get round the business of the Official Art as a prelude to the long walk which will lead him till Asia where he settled his studios then bronze foundry. Once having passed the fifty mark, Jacques Le Nantec reveals at last the anthology of his barbarian princesses, odalisques and amazons who appear from heavy superbly slashed drapes, playing with the gravity. We should also mention the wide compilation of his Etudes dáprès Modèles which, designed in a great number of latitudes, are just so many declarations of love to the Eternal Feminine. As a precursor of the Art of the 21st century, Le Nantec announces it aesthetical, sensual and oneiric, restored without any hoax to the values embodied by the genuine talents and for the free pleasure of collectors throughout the world.

A lifetime admirer of Asia, Jacques Le Nantec has created his own bronze foundry near Ayutthaya and currently lives in Macau.