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Lúcia Lemos

Lúcia Lemos was born in northern of Portugal in a city called Vila Nova de Famalicão. She moved to Macau, China in 1982 and has, ever since, lived there. She’s a Manager of Arts and is developing her skills for photography and video making. Her special relation with images comes from her many years of exposure to the artistic milieu in the city of Porto.

As a photographer working mainly in B/W photography, her preferred subject is character portrait. Her unconventional approach to photo shooting, privileging spontaneity and natural lighting in an age of sophisticated technology, has won her praise.

She had made a series of portraits of women artist of Macau where exhibited at Macao Cultural Center. At 2004 she published a photographic essay on one of Macau’s leading writers, Henrique de Senna Fernandes. The two latest works were showed in ECBerkeley; “Shared Emotions” and “No Rio dos Meus Olhos” in April of 2005.

As a video maker she was awarded twice for her work about Macau’s intangible heritage and the rice terraces of Yunnan, PRC.


OUR FAMILY – 16th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 21st September, 2019

The Collective Exhibition will be held in Creative Macau starting from 28 August to 21 September, 2019. 29 members create a structure of the “family” as an artistic project; and compose a family portrait through the real and, or, within imaginary conception. From the abstraction to the substantial, we have been naming themes for our […]

Open Future – Collective Exhibition

28th August — 22nd September, 2018

“Contemporary life is one that undergoes constant transformation, in the context of spaces, time or memory; we live with a heave, being hemmed in by each other and heaped praise on one another.” Creative Macau will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on 28 August 2018 with “OPEN FUTURE” – Collective Exhibition. Our creative members are […]

“Whatever You Make, Make It Yours” – 14th anniversary collective member exhibition

28th August — 23rd September, 2017

Individual works could express strong individuality and uniqueness. Through this collective exhibition, the artists will creative the masterpieces with various art forms. Such as photography, print making, oil painting, tile painting, etc. The idiosyncratic and distinct thoughts will be gathered. And those will bring us the extraordinary ideas and experiences. Demonstrating the local creative talents’ […]

“Here & Now” 13th anniversary members exhibition

27th August — 30th September, 2016

Adalberto Tenreiro, Alexandre Marreiros 馬偉圖, Armelle de L 李亞美, Chan Un Man 陳遠問, Cristina Vinhas 李詠雅, Duarte Esmeriz, DWG, Elói Scarva, Fernando Simões, Francisco Ricarte, Ho Si Man 何思敏, João Miguel Barros 包偉鋒, Lai Sio Kit 黎小傑, Laura Che 謝小醉, Li Li 李黎, Lúcia Lemos, Madalena Fonseca, Marina Carvalho, Mavin Zin 冼遙廷, Noah Ng 吳方洲, […]

“RICH LIFE” – 12th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2015

Creative Macau (CCI) will hold a grand opening ceremony of “Rich Life” Members Exhibition and bring stunning music performance to celebrate its 12th Anniversary on Friday, 28 August, 2015. The grand opening ceremony will start at 6pm with a set of live acoustic and electronic music played in a combination of different instruments by the […]

“Symbols In Cultures” 11th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 13th September, 2014

SYMBOLS IN CULTURES Everywhere we look in societies are forms of symbolic representation, which identify and illustrate different culture, philosophy, and lifestyle. Thinking that symbols in society are unconscious forms of communication in the way of social, ideological, political concepts and many others, they are important and integral elements in understanding a culture and a […]

“Make A Wish” 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

28th August, 2013

MAKE A WISH is the theme of our 10th anniversary exhibition proposed to all Creative Macau members. Twenty six members across the twelve different creative fields of advertising, architecture, craft, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer development, and visual arts were interested and are displaying […]


3rd — 20th February, 2010

Between 2003 and 2006, I photographed massive and voluminous infrastructures that were under construction and destined for the gaming industry, which has become the common denominator of the development of Macau in the 21st century. The incision of these buildings in the city matrix as means to internationalise the city has changed our common places, […]