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Feykah Bahmid

Feykah always loves drawing since she was a kid. Mostly they were sketches of faces or figures. She designed her clothes when she was 10 or so, and her parents let her take those to the tailor to have them done. In Junior High School she started drawing house plans. She soon fell deeper in it that she made lots of journey to the bookstore, buying Architecture books and magazines, and self-teaching herself. Again, her parents let her designed their house when it was time to expand. That didn’t prevent her from taking Medicine as a major, though. Following her father’s step. Not long ago, an old friend recalled her skill and asked her to make a painting for her. Done it. Posted it on social media. And suddenly more and more people asked her for a portrait painting. She loves it when someone sees her work and immediately recognize the person. She loves it more when she can deliver their emotions.