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José Drummond

José Drummond is born in 1965 in Portugal. From 1981 to 1989, he studied Scenography Course at IFICT and Plastic Arts Course at ESAA in Lisbon. Afterward, he also finished Drawing Course and Painting Course in ARCO, Lisbon. In 1993, he received a scholarship from headquarter of Fundação Oriente. Next year, he held up two exhibitions –“Beat” and “We must not be afraid (indicium)”, respectively, at Monumental Gallery and Quarto de Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon. In 1998, he moved to Macau and studied Management Of The Arts Course in IEEM. During the study, He held up his solo exhibition “Impressionist H” in Hungary. In 2002, he participated a collective exhibition- “Fountain (2002 remix)”, Taiwan and Macau co-founded, opened in Tainan, Taiwan. In 2004, he opened his next exhibition “The Intruder” in Casa Garden•Fundação Oriente, Macau. In 2005, he participated the collective exhibition “The Painter – Macao New Wave” by Macao Museum of Art in Macau.


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22nd May — 29th June, 2006

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6th April, 2005

Aims: – Provide an overview of the practical elements involved in today’s making of Contemporary Arts. Participants will access a vast array of information about the media, techniques, styles, genres, contemporary issues, and cultural contexts of the art produced in various periods of the last century and its development to our days. – Explore the […]