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Rita Portugal

Rita was born in Lisbon 1977.

Rita starts composing feelings and colors when she moves to Macau in the eighteens. Returning to Portugal, studied in Arts in F.B.A.U.L (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa) and after exposing in Macau till 1996, she starts collective and painting solo exhibitions in Portugal.

After 1998, she was present in several sculpture and medal exhibitions in Portugal.

Rita dedicates most of her time in painting, but sculpture and medallistic are her main goals, which explains that she had been selected among others Portuguese and European sculptures to be present in such important medallistic exhibitions as Weimar, Paris, New York and Philadelphia and being also present on Portuguese main exhibitions.

Currently, Rita is a member of F.I.D.E.M (International Federation for Medal Sculptors) and Volte Face.

Rita was awarded with three Honorable Mentions for medals and sculpture.


Noisy Undiscovered Taste

6th — 27th June, 2007

CREATIVE MACAU showed NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, a collection of works by RITA PORTUGAL which include paintings with sculpting elements. The artist pushed the boundaries of her imagination which is manifest in the works exhibited for the public; her signature is a deliberately uncompromising and provocative imagery. In NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, the artist focuses again in projecting scense that are common […]