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Patrícia Mouzinho

Patrícia Mouzinho, was born in 1972, and lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.

She is a journalist for SIC, one of the main Portuguese TV-channels. She’s been predominantly making documentaries, on many different subjects, both of national Portuguese and international interest.

Patrícia Mouzinho graduated in Communication Science at the Universidade Autónoma of Lisbon and studied Law at the Universidade Católica. She perfected herself in a Theatre Course at the renowned IFICT (Instituto de Formação Investigação e Criação Teatral) and finished a course of Judiciary Journalism.

As a child she was in a natural way influenced by her grandmother and grandfather, both were committed to drawing and painting, which is how she developed her love for plastic arts. Her career as an artist started almost 30 years ago, as an autodidact.

She’s been following throughout these years many different courses and workshops, at different institutions in different places, among which the Royal Academy of Arts (London) and Central Saint Martins (London)

She never had the urge to show or exhibit her art to the world, and instead preferred letting them live in between the walls of family and friends.

Since 2016, however, she started to expose her art to the outside world.

“What drives me every day in my art is to find the most powerful and expressive way to reconstruct.”


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28th August — 21st September, 2019

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